Bang Bang ur dead!

Haiiii everybody! =]

So sometimes u have it… and sometimes u totally dont…
And today i surely dont have it at all :/
So today i had a party but i got sick so i been in bed most of the day…
So now i thought yea lets ps for the blog!!!! but like i said before when i have a bad day u can surely see that in my pictures
That was my bad news but the good news of this all is i ate pizza LOL
andddd howz things going with u all?

Oke so the stuffies im wearing atm…
i LOVE this new shirt i got seriously i saw somebody els walking with it and yea (i inspected it!!!!!)
thats one of my secrets btw… i know that people hate it when u look at them right and they ask wtf are u looking at well that happend to me one time…
So i sneaky move my cam a bit and then hope they stand still so i right click on the objects they are wearing to inspect it…
I know im kinda pathatic but dont hate atleast i can share this awesomeness shirt now right? LOL
Anywayz… so back to this shirt so i saw the gun and cuz im in a killing mood i wanted the gun!
and when i inspected it i noticed it was part of the shirt/belt so i got soooo excited and i ran to the shop…
And i was so damn surpriced when i a) saw its a pack with more then 1 shirt color in it b) they have it for guys too! and c) its not even that exspansive also… Cuz its 220$L for 6 shirts and the quality is just awesome!
Then something about the hair im wearing its one of Truth’s new releases and i seriously been waiting for this kinda hair for ages! it somehow reminds me of my rl hair when i didnt straight it and let it dry when i just washed my hair… lol
What els… hmmm the boots im wearing… One of the best boots i ever seen its a must have they never ever bored me for a minute…

So up to the listttt!!!!
Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 – 04 [Fair] Glow skin (hairbase) LAQ
Make up: -SU!- Add On Your Face *Tattoo* 01 -SU!-
Hair: >TRUTH< Bebe – cocoa >TRUTH<
Cleavage: [ AYUMI ] Cleavage – Type3 – MEDIUM 1[ AYUMI ]
Lashes: Mustache – Beezy Lashes Mustache Not for sale anymore!
Finger Tapes: *SL* Finger Tapes *Linc*
Eyes: – Glam Affair – Stella Eyes V2 -14 Glam Affair
Shirt: *BC322 CriminalTanktop Woman BC322 Skull&Bones
Pants: *SL* Low Cut Jeans Dark Blue Torned [Xtra Low] *Linc*
Necklace1: .:it’s Cake:. Lil Bow Necklace .:it’s Cake:.
Bands: *Urbanity* Leather Bands *black* Ha! Old Dressingroom item!
Cigarette: cigarette *White B* N326 N326
Tattoo: [Plastik]-Feathers-S-Faded- [Plastik]
Boots: Kboots-black Kboots

So that was my fast look for now… i just had to blog this the shirt made me all excited and i had to share it with u all =]
And i hope to see u all later!
Have a great weekend everybody
Lotsa Love from Soaphy ❤

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