Nothing is darker then Black

Its me again! Haiii everybody ❤

So my pc is oke again and like i said in my other post i would make it up to u all…
and and and? was i right about that? 😀 i did my best…
and normally i hate Sundays but this one was pretty good actually!
Been in photoshop most of the time so it wasnt as boring as it normally is.
Monday and Fridays are my fav days of the week this cuz on Monday my soaps start again and Friday cuz of 50$L friday lol yea im not kidding u!
Since the start of Fifty Linden friday im doing that same thing every week i didnt miss one of them!
What is ur fav day of the week?and why?

So lets go to my look! i wanted something bad ass! something EVIL something Dark!
And whats more dark then black? nothing lol
Im inlove with my new choker its so damn detailed and it has everything i ever wanted in a choker lol yea im not kidding! i had alot of questions about it already so i had to make a post with it… Something els that im inlove with atm is the new *Linc* corset and undies…
I think corsets are damnn sexy so when i heard CK was making corsets i already got so excited and when they came out i was like DAMNNN! they are effing awesome!
Anywayz im talking to much lol lets go to the list…

Skin: *League* Skin Medium -Misty- Wrecked -BT *League*
Eyes: ** EyeZ The Thing *Linc*
Lashes: [ATOMIC] Lashes – Desire [ATOMIC]
Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy – Ink + Hair Base – Black !lamb
Ears: AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Elf – 1″ AITUI
Undies: ** Cutieh Undie Lace *Linc*
Corset: ** Lust Corset Black *Linc*
Stockings: *DL* Kimiko – Torn stockings Dirty Lynx
Stockings2: Xelephine Naughty 4 not for sale anymore sorry
Tattoo: [Plastik]-Feathers-S-Faded- [Plastik]
Finger Tapes: *SL* Finger Tapes *Linc*
Choker: *DL* Kimiko – Choker Dirty Lynx
Piercings: [ skream! ] “sweetly pained” piercing [ skream! ]
Cigarette: .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette / Package .:Hermony:.
Tail: [][]Trap[][] DemonTail Drow-Elfs [][]Trap[][]
Boots: AVZ ~ Wrapped Boots !AVZ!
Armwarmers: fri. – Arm.Warmers (Gray)

That was my dark and evilish look!
Going to spend some time in RL now and go to bed early this time for sure lol im a bit tired so im hopeing for a good night sleep…
I wish u all a great evening/day/night and enjoy it before the weekend is over again…
See u all soon buhbaai ❤

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