Merry Xmassy everybody

Hello my sexyness blogreading people! ❤

Im so sorry that i havent blogged yet but im sick again well still sick i felt a bit better at first but its back to ehhhhh blah so im so sorry for that…
Just want u guys to know that i dont forget about u all and that i really appreciate it that u guys are still there for me…
Its like xmas evening atm and i hope u are all doing something with the people u love!
Forgive the people that u hate just for a couple days make fun be happy dont let anything bother u! =]
why couldnt every day be xmas lol \o/

even while im sick i really wanted to do a post really fast so heres a uber fast one…
Im inlove with make up layers im sure everybody knows that :p and this one u can only get at E U P H O R I A! ( love that name it reminds me of S O P H E R I A N!)
Anywayz its from Glam Affair and i totally love all the skins/make up they sell…
at E U P H O R I A u can find 6 special edition make ups idk if it stays there forever but incase it doesnt check it out before its gone ❤
The hair im wearing is the new release from Truth and what i think is… with truth u can never be wrong i mean most hair look so the same but at the same moment it has something really unique and awesome… everybody can wear Truth… and i remember recently i been cleaning my inventory for a bit and i found like Truths very first hair like when they just started and when i look at the hair they make now damnnn thats a huge diffrence and they keep on getting better…
A other thing that u dont see on the picture but u defnetly should check out is the scarf im wearing! (are u wearing a scarf? o.O) yea i am…
Its from BOOM and belive me its a must have… there is also a free red one as xmas gift out atm check it out before its gone…

Well heres my uber short list…

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter (DB) Freck [ATOMIC]
Hair: >TRUTH< Ramona Streaked (Upper) – night >TRUTH<
Eyes: ** EyeZ The Thing *Linc*
Make up: -Glam Affair – Make up layer 2 Glam Affair @ E U P H O R I A only!
Piercings: <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Jess – Black – Mouth – V2 <- Pierce Of Mind ->
Lashes: ^;^Carwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1 ^;^CaTwA^;^
Ears: ~Scribble~ Elf Ear Natural Light ~Scribble~
Scarf: *BOOM* Righteous Muff (Coal) *BOOM*Red one for free in shop as xmas gift!
Shirt: (Milk Motion) My bow sweater (Milk Motion) Stumblebum Brigade item still out there must hurry!

That was it sorry guys… Hopefully beeing better again soon it seriously sucks so bad beeing so sick the whole time…
I miss spending hours in ps and hanging out in sl with my friends…
Just had to update for a sec and wish u guys a awesome xmas! ❤ ❤ ❤

Lotsa love from Soaphy

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