I Kill for Skins!

Hai2u everybody! ❤

Sorry it took some days but first of all my sister is back! wooohooo \o/
and second of all its cuz i had this huge post about the newwww Plastik skins!
Wow they are so amazingly awesome… the make up the skin tones just wow!
The Ataciara Elven skins have 10 make up options and come with cleavage and without cleavage skins.
But thats not only it! they come with elf ears and 10 make up layers with freckless, lighter and darker lips, stripe lips,shadows and body freckles!
Andddd… Eyes too… 😀 isnt that just AWESOME!?!?! and im just blogging a couple colors but they are in the shop in 32 colors!
Check the picture below to see all the colors of the Ataciara Elven skins.
But those arent the only ones i wanne share with you all… The other skins im wearing are the Ataciara Killer skins… U see all the skin tones that u can buy…
Plastik sells those in many make up colors too! im so excited with sharing this with u all they are a must have!
Im seriously inlove with heavy make up lol and im soooo going to buy more of the new skin lines….

Oke so the above picture are the Ataciara Killer skins in all the make up versions that are in the pack
The picture down here are the :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven- Ocean in ever make up in the pack

This is my favorite the :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven- Nautical in all the make up versions that are in the pack

The next one is :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven- Mahogany

And the last one is: :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven- Lavender

And like i said they are there in so many more colors and im sure ur fav color is there too.. check the picture :p

Do i have to say more? im sure i dont! haha :p Heres the taxi to all the places =]

Skins: All from Plastik! Plastik
Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy !lamb.
Piercings: <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy – Black <- Pierce Of Mind ->
Tattoo: [Plastik]-Feathers-S-Faded- Plastik
Eyes: *L.inc* EyeZ Possessed & *L.inc* EyeZ The Thing *L.inc*
Lashes: ^;^Carwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1 ^;^Carwa^;^
Shirt: *Linc* Tubetop Black worn with the *Linc* Bodysuit Black w/ Suspenders also from *L.inc* lol

i think thats it… =] soooo GO GO GO GO!!! and try them for urself ❤ Im going to take a hot shower and watch the last episode of Dexter’s season 4!
Yea im so damn addicted to Dexter and hes so hawt and a killer LOL haha See u all next time buddehs ❤ hope u all enjoyed

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