Mysterious Black Lady

So its me again with the last post for today…
And the shop i wanted to say about first is Mentine
I never heard of it before and when i went to the shop i thought damnnn this is a really cool shop!
Dont u just love it when u from out of nowhere find a shop with amazing stuff that u never heard of before? well thats what i had with this shop…
and its not exspansive at all there! seriously its worth checking it out.
The other thing i wanted to talk about issss the elf ears… i found them cuz of Digi Pera and i thought it looked so adorable on her that i had to have them too!
They come from BAKEMONOYA and they are like majorly cheap too but they are so uber cute! and i think its a must have…
And the last thing i want to say is the ribbon belt im wearing from (TokiD) is recolord and its a gift in the shop it comes in blue and pink its cute ❤
sooo enough with the talking here are the tps

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter B4 (DBF) .ILLUSORY.
Make up: Nuuna’s face tattoo Smokey Nuuna’s Skins
Lashes: ^;^Carwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1 ^;^Carwa^;^
Eyes: CLEMPARDEE(vertigo) Not for sale anymore!Creator is Clem Velinov
Hair: [e] Me – Brown 02 [elikatira]
Ears: Triangle Ears BAKEMONOYA
Tattoo: *Linc* Tell no Tales *Linc*
Glasses: Reek – Park Shades Reek
Dress: *Linc* Sweaterdress *Linc*
Belt: (TokiD) ribbon belt (TokiD)
Armwarmers: Mentine – Armwarmer Black Mentine
Legwarmers: Mentine – Legwarmer Black Mentine
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti Black Maitreya
Scarf: [NSD] Sfant Scarf Black [NSD]
Piercings: <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Jess – Black – Mouth – V2 <- Pierce Of Mind ->
Stockings: Not for Sale anymore

So that was the last one! hope u all enjoyed ❤ and hopefully i see u all again next time
Take care everybody and goodnight!

3 thoughts on “Mysterious Black Lady

    • Hey babe awwwz thank you so much for all the compliments ur so sweet! no the scarf and the dress dont come together… The scarf is from NSD and the dress is from ** 😀

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