Everything happens for a reason

Hey everybody! =]

Howz u all doing? Im doing good atm but had a damn busy and wierd week!
But as soon as i had time i made pictures and post it here for u all ❤
I started watching something els now since im done atm with Glee and Dexter i started with Supernatural!
Im also watching Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl but tbh im still in season 1 and Gossip Girl isnt that awesome to me yet…
But welcome new addiction lol i love Supernetural so far!

So my look… Well the skin im wearing from Novita is pretty old but this skin has a special meaning to somebody close to me i figured that all out yesterday
and i wasnt really going to wear it for this post but since i thought it looked kinda hawt i worn it anywayz plus that i never blogged it before and plus that the face of this skin is just uber cute and always will be…
I used to wear this skin like all the time about a year ago and yea i been a buried chiller and suddenly every chick worn the same skin so i never worn it anymore…
But wearing this now again surely brought up old memories good ones and bad ones haha so this skin kinda has a special meaning to me too…
Then something els i wanted to talk about… My outfit made by Gawk! i bought this on the Pure Juice Event i just had to have it…
i love bodysuits and i love the color black and white haha they also have it in white and pink btw!
And the last thing i wanted to say issss Vive9 started making hair and i LOVE them everybody should check it out…
so here are the lms ❤

Skin: :N:* A urora. 02/04/C Novita
Cleavage: :N:* A urora – Cleavage. (2) Novita
Eyes: .:Hermony:. / R-Eyes / Mono .:Hermony:.
Lashes: ^;^Carwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1 CaTwA
hair: .: vive9 :. Ana in Tea vive9
Body suit: Gawk! for Pure Juice – White High Waist Suit Gawk! @ the Pure Juice event
Piercings: <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Jess – Black <- Pierce Of Mind ->
Necklace: DECO – Triple Strand Pearls DECO
Bracelet1: *BLITZED* Legacy Cuff. black BLITZED
Bracelet2: MIEL TROUPE WATCH – natural MIEL @ the Marketplace
Bracelet3:*League* Wanderer Bracelet -Hand (Plain) *League*
Belt: MIEL TROUPE BELT – natural MIEL @ the Marketplace
Glasses: Reek – Aeroplane Shades Reek
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal Maitreya
Tattoo: *SL* Lotus L.inc

And that was itttt… but ill be back with more! sooner then u might think 😉
xoxo Soaphy ❤

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