just a quickie

Hey everybody just wanted to post this before i was going to bed…

I finally got the new League Sia skin and im so inlove with it (damn i know im inlove with ALOT!)
But no seriously this skin is perfect… i dont have other words for it then perfect!
Another thing are my piercings they are from Pierce Of Mind and if u havent checked out the shop yet u totally should!
The quality of the piercings are just amazing and defnetly the best in SL…
They come in many options with shadows without shadows in black and zilver and i know i said it many times already but Pierce Of Mind just surprices me everytime
i look at the piercings!
Then the last thing i wanted to say… The hair im wearing is from Anaphora and i blogged this before cuz its the Smokahontas hair but this time i edited and thats cuzzz
Miss Digi Pera totally inspired me to edited it! so im calling this my Digi look! lol Thnx babe ur amazing ❤ For everybody that hasnt checked out her blog yet u should..
Cuz seriously this chick she has an AMAZING style! and she blows me away with her sexyness just sayin haha
Here is the link Digi’s Wardrobe
So that was my blablabla here are the tps ❤

Skin: *League* Sia Sunkiss Smoky -Frex -Cleavage *League*
Eyes: .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Blue Ice – Constricted Pupil Acid & Mala
Lashes: ^;^Carwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1 CaTwA
Hair: [Anaphora]_Smokahontas_Bole [Anaphora] @ LeLook Only available here!
Piercings: <- PoM -> – Double Snakebites – BM – SP – V1 – (Mouth) <- Pierce of Mind ->
Ears: Triangle Ears BAKEMONOYA

Sooo im going to bed cuz i have cursus tomorrow and i need to wake up early
Also i want to say that i have alot to blog but due rl please bare with me im blogging it asap ❤

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