Soaphy is going on Vacation

Hey everybody!

Howz u all doing? Im always good! u know itttt haha
U probebly seen it already in the Title Soaphy is going on Vacation…
Vacation? :O noooooooooo….. (emoface) lol im kidding so yes! Vacation somewhere far far farrrr away
And that means that i wont be posting for 2 weeks buhuhuh i know but ill be back!
Everybody needs a vacation sometimes i will be online sometimes but i wont have Photoshop with me so i wont be posting
Sorry everybody

Sooo What i wanted to talk about first is [bellballs] The new sim opend and damn it looks so beautifull!
The sim looks like u walk intoo a fairytale/camping/forest place its just amazing really you just need to check it out.
The Sexyness Viollette Vyper is the owner of [bellballs] she makes jewerly,make up,eyes and even freckles lol its all uber cheap and amazing quality!
Another thing i wanted to talk about issss the tail im wearing… I talked about her before and i have to talk about her again haha
The tail is made by the awesomeness Digi Pera its the Imp tail fully sculpted it has a script in it for skintones but its also mod so u can recolor it like that too…
She made a large and small version With bow and without bow and she also made a other tail named the Uni Tail (im not wearing it in this post) but anywayz it has fluffy hair at the end of the tail this tail also comes with a script for the skin tone anddd one for the hair… and like she did with the Imp tail she made it in a bow version and one without… And the last thing what i wanted to say isssss i know i worn this tattoo before but this time i wear wearing short hair to show u all that its up to ur neck too like seriously i seen a guy wearing this on flickr and i was inlove with it ever since (the tattoo not the guy lol and with that i didnt mean hes not a cute guy but uhhh nvm) lol
This is the Army tattoo from V TATTOO STORE its a huge shop so if ur searching for a new tattoo u should defnetly check that shop! So lemme bring u to the shops

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::RiVeR:: V2 Olive – CatsEyes CL2 HB Dutch Touch
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Olive .:Hermony:.
Lashes: [ glow ] studio – Innocent. eyelashes – intensive [ glow ]
Hair: [LeLutka]-JULIET 2.0 hair – Bournville LeLutka
Earrings: [bellballs] Edgy Triangle Earrings- White [bellballs]
Necklace: [bellballs] Dainty Flower Necklace Black [bellballs]
Bracelets1: *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black *BLITZED*
Bracelets2: MIEL TROUPE WATCH – natural MIEL @ The Marketplace
Tattoo: Army Tattoo + Neck (Lighter) V TATTOO STORE
Shirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Sundance Halter Tank – Light Gray Surf Co.
Pants: -[AddiCt]-NORA Jean Shorts/Regular Wash -[AddiCt]-
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Chelo Ivory NX-Nardcotix
Tail: (pera) Imp Tail (Large) (pera)

And that was itttt hope u all enjoyed!
Hopefully i see u all in 2 weeks after my vacation =] Lotsa Love xoxo Soaphy

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