After dark all cats are jaguars

Hai2u everybody ❤

its been way to long already this cuz i have a rl too ofcourse…
And i dont always have time to photoshop pictures now lately i see ALOT of blogs with an
white background just raw snapshots and i think about doing that sometime too
so i can blog more… anywayz ill get back to that later…
And gawd damn they changed wordpress again why do they have to change something that works fine already? lol

So about my look… i normally dont really wear cyberpunk clothes but after seeing a picture of somebody else i thought YES lets go for something diffrent!
and this came out of it… this awesome catsuit cought my eye ( do u get it Catsuit and im wearing a tail?) lol
Jackie Graves owner of GRAVES makes amazingly hot and sexy and great quality latex and leather clothes not only for females but also for guys…
just like most of her outfits there are more versions of it… U can buy this one in a Catsuit but also in a mini dress version and bodysuit version.
The arms arent a part of the outfit those come from Grollwerk and i have to say a couple things about those…
First of all they sure look amazing and they fit the outfit perfectly! each arm is seperated in 2 sections and you can change the texture of it… u have 10 textures to choose from… and the colors you want…
They are unisex and come in small and large arms but since i have a really small avie the arms were still way to big for me… They are mod so u can make them smaller another thing is the arms are 800$L
so its a little bit expensive but defnetly worth every $L!
Last thing i wanted to talk about is this tail… i havent been neko since like FOREVER! untill i saw this tail… the way it moves the texture its just perfect…
The tail is from How Vexing! and they have many colors that u can buy its just something u should see for urself im sure u fall inlove with it when u seen it =]
I waited AGES for something like this! Dont belive me? Check here for a video of the tail!
So lets go shopping….

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] May-Blackbird 1 Curio
Make up: -SU!- Add On Your Face Tattoo 01 -SU!-
Eyes: REPULSE – Living Dead Eyes (Dilated) REPULSE
Lashes: [ glow ] studio – Innocent. eyelashes – intensive [ glow ]
Hair: [ 69 ] LIBBY 01 – Chestnut SIXTY NINE
Ears: Black Neko Ears Wynx
Arms: [GW] Cybernetic Arms Grollwerk
Piercings: – Anti Brow – BM – SP – V1 Pierce Of Mind
Catsuit: G76 Black And White – Catsuit GRAVES
Boots: !ASI Shadow Hound Digi Boots ASI
Tail: How Vexing! [Neko Tail – Black with white tip] How Vexing!

and that was itttt ❤ hope u all enjoyed and i hope to see u all again soon…
ohhh wait… and soon im going to have a special guest on my blog! im just not going to tell who it is yet haha
buhbaai xoxo

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