Beauty awakens the soul to act

Its me againnnn ❤
I just wanted to do this post really fast…
Today i been looking for a new mouse but im so damnnn picky and i know its stupid but i only buy something when i think YESSSS!!! i want thissss…
So yea… i came home with no mouse lol and no thing to move ur mouse on i dont know whats it called in english
They had 3 of them a black one but i thought it would be painfull for ur handpalm when u used it for a longer time and a bart simpson one and a disney cars one……
Yea i know i should have been going for the Cars one haha j/k so still a shitty mouse… its 6 years old now so yea time for a new one!
It will be probebly become the Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse or the Logitech Performance Mouse MX but im not sure yet…
I started watching something else the name is Beeing Human US and i love it! im at episode 10 right now so im nearly done with the first season 😦
Cant wait till all my other shows start again… Anywayz Beeing Human US is about a werewolf a Vampire and a Ghost! ill not tell more but its awesome
When u like that kinda stuff u have to check it out 😉

Oke about this look im wearing a diffrent shape!!! Yes i know its the first time that im actually wearing a diffrent shape or blog a diffrent shape and i will still do a other post with this shape too since u cant really see the body and all that cuz of the kimono…
But when i looked at the face with this skin i thought i looked a little bit japanese and i had this kimono a really long time and i love it so always wanted to blog it… The shape is made by Byrds Cale (-BC- Shapes & Skins owner) and this is the Amber shape!
i LOVE the face its seriously so cute the chubby cheeks the chin its adorable and if u dont like it u can change it cuz all her shapes are Copy and mod no transfer…
She made ALOT of cool shapes u should defnetly check it out and she doesnt only make shapes or skins but clothes too!
Another thing i wanted to say is the tattoo im wearing is made by Giulia Honig({Junebug} Owner) and i love tattoos with quotes and stuff she made a couple of them and they are cute and hot! And i think shes going to do Costum quotes/names as well! i defnetly want one :p haha
So lets go to the list for this look…

Shape: -BC- Shape Amber -BC- Shapes & Skins
Skin: Lara Hurley-Odette hairbase/Tan Lara Skins @ the CHIC Birthday Venue
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive/Basic – Ice .Insufferable Dastard.
Make up: Nuuna’s face tattoo CatEyes Nuuna’s Skins
Tattoo: {Junebug} – Tattoo – there’s a monster {Junebug}@The Marketplace
Hairbow: (TokiD) bow2 funk DD (TokiD)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio – Innocent. eyelashes – intensive [ glow ]
Hair: !lamb. Opal – Honeycomb Roots lamb
Kimono: Sweetaholic/*Oiran1.0 *Sweetaholic
Katanas: Sizuka naru Shi (Silent Death) (Sheathed) C:SI C:SI Combat sword!

And that was it =] a short list for now…
Goodnight everybody
Lotsa Love xoxo Soaphy ❤

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