Dear girls, Cinderella didnt have to take off her dress to get prince charming… AND NEITHER DO YOU!

Hey everybody ❤

Hows u all doing? Im doing great!
Im really busy with alot of things i have the feeling i never been so much in photoshop before as i am now lol
So today less talking and going straight to the point.

Lelutka released thier new Summer collection and wow its so awesome!
The jacket im wearing in this post is from there and so many people asked me where its from.
I did have some problems with making it fit i think its made for skinny no boobies avatars haha i had to shrink mine like crazy…
But after you made it fit it just looks amazing!
Another thing i wanted to talk about is the necklace im wearing made by the uber talented viollette vyper ([bellballs] Owner)
She asked on her flickr account for new ideas and i came with a long necklace with a heart! 😀 and she made itttt woooooo!!!
Look how awesome it looks i was so excited when i saw she made one… With this jacket the gold one matched perfectly!
She made it in 2 versions a gold one and a silver one they are both fully sculpted except for the dangling chains those are Flexi and move along with your bodymovement.
i bet that excited you didnt it? go get one! AND FAST! 😡 haha j/k
Last thing i wanted to talk about are the jeans im wearing made by Byrds Cale (Owner of -BC- Shapes & Skins)
She doesnt only make amazing quality shapes and skins but also clothes! This is the low rise version she made it in 7 colors.
she also made a normal version in 7 colors and a ripped version those in 7 colors aswell.
Soooo… List? are u ready for it? oke heres it comming

Skin: :GP: Acorn [Light] May-Blackbird 1 Curio
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive/Basic – Light Brown .Insufferable Dastard.
Lashes: [ glow ] studio – Innocent. eyelashes – intensive [ glow ]
Make up: ~Mynerva~Eyeliner + Shadow Bronze Old Skin fair gift
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 [ PXL ]
Piercings: Creator Reeann Frost Shop is in renovation and will be open again soon
Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears **Cute Bytes**
Hair: [ 69 ] OLIVIA 03 – Mocha – SIXTY NINE
Necklace: [bellballs] Unlock My love- Gold [bellballs]
Glasses: [Steinwerk] – GT Sunglasses (fit A) [Steinwerk]
Bracelets: *League* Wanderer Bracelet -Wrist (6 Strands) *League*
Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 – Over The Taupe Mstyle
Jacket: [LeLutka]-MY WAY jacket/light LeLutka
Shirt: Part of the *League* Teachers Pet -Green outfit *League*
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Heart /faded/ I AITUI
Jeans: -BC- Lowrise Unbuttoned Jeans LightBlue -BC-
Belt: Maitreya Coin Belt Auburn Maitreya
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Yannis / Pebble Kookie

huge list i know! haha
i hope u all liked it…
See u all soon Lotsa love xoxo
Soaphy ❤

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