You can never have enough skins!

Haiiii ❤

So this is a super fast post since ill be back later today too
what i wanted to say is a couple days ago Byrds Cale (Owner of -BC- Shapes & Skins) released a new skinline named Drew
and damnn she did an amazing job on this skins im inlove with the lips!
So heres some info about the skin Its available in 4 skintones and 9 diffrent make ups
All skins include 3 eyebrow shapes,eyes, cleavage layers (tattoo, shirt, undershirt),1 clean, 1 freckles skin and 4 hairbases as tattoo layer (black, red, blonde, brown)
In this post im the Drew Sepia skins with freckles just because i LOVE freckles lol
Im not wearing the hairbase and the eyes that come with the skin this because i was actually working on a other blogpost too.
So more about what im wearing in the post later today
The second picture is made by Byrd Cale not by me this just to show you all the other skintones

Skins: Drew Sepia -BC- Shapes & Skins

Sooo yea that was fast i know but i hope to see u all again in a couple hours
Buhbaai for now xoxo
Soaphy ❤

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