Nothing is impossible,The word itself says Im Possible

Haiii everybody ♥

howz it goingggg? im gooood =] i got my phone back so im great haha
i did have to instal everything again and that will keep me busy for some time trying to get everything back that i had.
i should have made a backup of it =[ else then that i had a good convo with my mom about stuff that happend in the past and my life now…
well it was difficult but i got things of my chest and idk how i feel now if im happy or not
But we will see if it will ever change between me and her…
i actually just came really fast to give u all a post for today
Lelutka released a couple hairstyles a couple hours ago they are awesome! and this is one of them =]

Skin: LAQ ~ Linnea [Fair] Dark brows – 02 LAQ
Hair: [LeLutka]-EDITORIAL01 hair – Praline LeLutka Made some pieces transparant
Eyes: .sP. ; iGaze Blind Made by the sweet naomi afterthought and isnt for sale YET!
Lashes1: [ glow ] Devilicious [ glow ] @ the Dressing Room
Lashes2: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* REDGRAVE
Piercings: Creator Reeann Frost Shop is in renovation and will be open again soon
Glasses: ~ Francinati0n ~ lil Glasses Stripes Black Francinati0n
Necklace: MStyle Ribbon Necklace – Silver Mstyle
Jacket: Izzie’s – Velvet Blazer black Izzie’s
Shirt: Belote – Lace Tanktop – Print Belote
Jeans: [Camden Co.] Skinny Jeans [Camden Co.]Really cheap stuffies!♥
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Grey Panther Mstyle
Bracelets: ~Pepper~ Bracelets FUCK ME ~Pepper~

Have a nice weekend everybody see u all soon ♥
xoxo Soaphy

This is the life.
And i know that this is the life.
And i dont know when it ends.
But aslong as its still there.
I enjoy it, Every day ♥

Lyrics from Sef – De Leven love that song… i posted it in the previous post
Its so my song at this moment its to bad most of u all cant understand it cuz its dutch… 😦

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