Wanne know who your real friends are? Fuck up & See whos still there.

Haai2uuuu ♥

Hows everybody doing today?
Im goooood! So for today i have something really fun for u all ♥
There is an fair going on at the H:YS Fair and damnn when i seen what u could buy there i just couldnt wait and i checked for it the whole time if it was there already…
One of the things that excited me were the Ohmai Emporium Pygmy Puffs.
There is a gatcha machine and it only cost 30$L to get one they are availble in 25 colors and they are effing adorable!
Since i went on till i had a white one i have some double and i decided to give those away to u 😀

How can i win one of the 5 Pygmy Puffs?!?!
Well u dont just get itttt… The first 5 people that IM me with the awnser of the question below will get one.
You can even choose the color you want if i still have that one.
So what is the question?
When did i start blogging? i want the Day month and year!
If you know it you can send an IM to Sopherian Yumako With the awnser and the Pygmy Puff you like to have.
If i dont have that color anymore i ofcourse will give u a other colors as long as i still have them ♥
They come in cute cages they are transfer and they move thier ears and stick thier tongue out… i fall inlove with them right after i seen them.

If you dont wanne win it You can get one over here Hogwarts: Your Story Fair
The sim has been open and closed a couple times now at this moment its closed… But keep trying 😀 its a beautifull sim defnetly worth looking…
2 pictures in this post arent made by me but the creator of the Pygmy Puffs (Anya Ohmai) The pictures are also in the cage where the Pygmy Puffs are in.
So you can see what they exactly are =]

Go get one they are a must have! and Goodluck with the quiz if u wanne win one ♥
Ill be back later today with another blog post this was just something extra because i love u guys :p haha
See yah soon!

xoxo Soaphy

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