Fuck that. Dont be the girl who needs a man! Be the girl a man needs.

Wooohooo new month started! ♥ and it was the hottest October day EVER here…
It just been in the news that october is breaking records not only in Netherland but also in the UK pfff all i hope for is rain lol im not really a sunny person…
Isnt it just wierd while u know its almost the end of the year and it should be cold and even snowing in like 2 months but atm its like summer here?
Gawd i want a white cold xmas with lots of snow a family dinner around a xmas tree and hot chocolate milk…
I dont want a Palm tree alot of sand cocktails and a tan and a BBQ on xmas… Thats not how its supposed to be! >.>
What do u all think about this? and how hot is it over there?
The last 2 days ive got some really sweet ims and one of those people was so nice it was a really sweet girl she totally made my day and i would have said her name if i didnt forgot it sorry! but i know she reads this so i wanted to thank her again for all the sweet compliments she gave me ill name her the PIDIDDLE Girl since i met her in that shop haha… Seriously u all are so sweet and i know i say thank you everytime but you all mean the world to me even if we might dont know eachother in person.

I know i talk to much but i did wanne tell something about my look!
Mah bloody Buddeh Rogue Falconer (RoTtEn DeFiAnCe Owner) has an instore hunt atm The Rotten Hunt Yayyy \o/
And the antlers and hooves that i wear in this post are part of the hunt.
Arent they adorable? i was like aweeee when i seen them! i love those leaves on them so cute ♥ the Hunt ends at the end of October and i know the month just started but its over before u know so grab them when they are gone! there isnt only a black version but also white and brown plus clothes for the ladys and also for the guys =]
so if ur going to do the hunt i wish u all lots of fun and goodluck! haha

Skin: al vulo- Jenny * bonus claveage Hb fairy Al Vulo!Only in the Fatpack
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive/Basic – Light Brown .Insufferable Dastard.
Lashes: [ glow ] studio – Innocent. eyelashes – intensive [ glow ]
Freckles: troy freckless viewer 2 Al Vulo! Came with the Troy skin
Hair: [BURLEY]_Babs_Red05 [BURLEY]
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 [ PXL ]
Whiskers: *L.inc* Whiskers *L.inc*not for sale
Piercings: Creator Reeann Frost Shop is in renovation and will be open again soon
Antlers: [*RD*]*Elite Fall Antlers-Black* RoTtEn DeFiAnCe
Necklace: PIDIDDLE – Cervidae Necklace – Gold PIDIDDLE
Shirt: C.Smit – XL Tank Top – Leopard – grey .:C.Smit:.
Tattoo: [Reckless] Faith [Reckless]
Hooves: [*RD*]*Black Fall Faun Set* RoTtEn DeFiAnCe
bracelets: *League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet *League*
Ring: ~ imbue. Bow Ring ~ imbue.
Pose1: Empersonate__Attitude – 01 Empersonate Poses @ The Marketplace
Pose2: .la petite morte. anti vday pose 1 they changed the name to .la petite morte. fuck off. pose pack but its the same wich kind of dissepoints me since it was from the chic limited event! thats also the reason why i bought it that time cuz i thought limited ment when it would be over u couldnt be able to get it anymore… but yea limited might mean something else so it might be me =] .la petite morte.

Yea a random picture at the end because i do hope its going to be an awesome october and i wish u all an amazing october too!
And ofcourse a great weekend! But dont worry ill be back soon
Throw ur hands in the air for jezelluf =]♥♥♥ Lisen the song below if u like Dubstep this is Dutchstep :p
Lotsa Love Soaphy

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