Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts.

Hey sexiesss ♥

So a new month started and i just been thinking but ehmmm we are almost at the end of the year already!
Time goes so damn fast… Most people start a new year with “This year im going to do” stuff like stop smoking losing weight eat better etc etc
Mine was quit smoking and even while its on the end of the year that it happend i am stopped right now and im really proud of that.
While i write this my stats are: Two weeks, three days, 5 hours, 15 minutes and 56 seconds. 292 cigarettes not smoked, saving € 70,71. Life saved: 1 day, 20 minutes.
wooohoo! and i never wanne start again! so wish me luck on that lol
But what was urs? and did u make it?

i wanted to blog but i was to lazy to make full looks so im just showing some new stuffies =]
Hope u dont mindddd lol So since its a couple looks i do the first one with everything and picture 2 and 3 just with the things i changed.


Skin: cStar – Hela Skin 01 [Fair] Face Detail cStar Limited
Freckless: troy freckless viewer 2 Al Vulo!
BloodyFacey: .Pekka. Wrecked Facie .Pekka.
Eyeliner: *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner *BOOM*
Lips: [PF] Elly Juicy Gloss (Natural) Pink Fuel
Skinburner: *CandyDoll* Skin Burner Tattoo layer Tan burner *CandyDoll*
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night v2/Starlight .Insufferable Dastard.
Whiskers: Schatje Whiskers Made by my exie might be for sale soon
Lashes: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* REDGRAVE
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 [ PXL ]
Hair: !lamb. Lover – Ink !Lamb.
Piercing1: Diamond Dimple Piercing Puncture
piercing2: Diamond Anti-Eyebrow (Double/Both) Puncture
Ears: *6DOO* wakka elf ears *6DOO*
Tattoo: Tintable Tabby Stripes CHIMERA its at the first floor behind the welcome board… They are tintable and only 30$L!
Shirt: -(BR)- Yummy Lacetop / Black [Bad.Romance]
Pants: ** Drop Crotch Short Femme Black **
Glasses: [Steinwerk] – GT Sunglasses [Steinwerk]
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Exotix for Women Tiptoes SLink

Picture 2

Dress: :STICKY FINGERS: My gray leopard off shoulder dress :STICKY FINGERS:
Belt: ~Pepper~ Waistline Belt – BLACK ~Pepper~
Nosebleed: ‘;:**:;’ Sticky Kiss’;:**:;’ Double Nosebleeds Sticky Kiss @ The marketplace

Picture 3

Nosebleed: ‘;:**:;’ Sticky Kiss’;:**:;’ Double Nosebleeds Sticky Kiss @ The marketplace
Shirt: :::insanya::: StreetArmySweater/Black :::insanya:::
Belt: *BLITZED* Legacy Belt – black – female *BLITZED*
Jeans: ** Tyra Lowrise Jeans Skinny Washed Black **

Picture 4

Hair: Maitreya Nimue – Almond Maitreya
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes v2 – Light Brown/Basic .Insufferable Dastard.
Tattoo1: .Pekka. Beautiful Me .Pekka.
Tattoo2: .Pekka. Deny Everything .Pekka.
Tattoo3: .Pekka. Irresistibly Attractive .Pekka.
Tattoo4: .Pekka. Flintstone Rock .Pekka.
Tape: .:A&M:. Transparent Tape Pasties Acid & Mala
Pants: ** Drop Crotch Short Femme Black **

Sooo that was it If you miss an item in the list look at the lists of the other pictures first if its not there let me know =]
I hope you enjoyed and i wish u all a good night.
SweetDreamZzZzz… Everybody ♥ xoxo Soaphy

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