Im not afraid of heights, deep water, Or love. Im afraid of falling,drowning, and a broken heart

Hai sexy muffins ♥

Buhhh the weekend is almost over… 😦 i atleast hope you guys had a nice one! its so fawking shortttt…
i kept beeing busy on sl lol blogging photoshopping etc etc but thats oke because my bf is addicted to Skyrim :p
Who isnt lately? i bet most people are playing it atm haha

The uber cute Eilfie Sugarplum (tSg Owner) was so sweet to send me some of her stuffies to blog 😀
She makes adorable stuff and if you havent checked out her shop yet you should!
When i first saw this skin (on somebody else) i thought it was cute but i wasnt that crazy about it… i thought it made you look extreemly young
I didnt check it out because i thought nahhh thats nothing for me (im just beeing honest) :p but when i checked out the skin she gave me i was like holy shit this is cute! and i think its one of my new fav skins right now! its uber cute and i LOVE the eyes.
So for everybody that didnt check it out cuz of the same reason as me… you should defnetly run back to the store and check out the demos!
It actually some how reminded me of the PF Elly… This skin comes with many options too! like a moles and freckles option.
Cleavage no cleavage or small chested. Many blushes and lipsticks/gloss. even with and without teeth! so go check it out…
Another thing she recently released are this cute bags in this blogpost… i dont have to say much about them i think the pictures are saying enough.
They look adorable and they are available in many colors :p a must have for every lady!
The next thing i wanne talk about are the spiral piercings from Pierce Of Mind.
My uber sexy buddeh Flirt Button (Owner of POM) showed me his new piercings yesterday… he made a really cute new texture for his piercings!
The quality is amazing! and i never seen such amazing colors for a piercing. i LOVE them all ♥
I wanne go to beddd so im going to say one last thing… i got a notecard from paper.doll and there is a sale going on… The 25$L stuff will leave for good and the 50$L stuff is going to the marketplace and the shirt im wearing is thier new release! i fall inlove with it right away \o/ its cute! and available in many colors…
i bought 3 of them as u can see =] They arent discounted! so no angry faces :p

Pierce of Mind Spiral color piercings

Skin: “tSg” Chloe in Lolita – NT/Bust/Black – Moles The Sugar Garden
Freckles1: DeeTaleZ Freckles Face & Body DeeTaleZ
Freckles2: -tb- Freckles Tres Blah
Lashes: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* *REDGRAVE*
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes v2 – Light Brown/Basic .Insufferable Dastard.
Piercing: Pierce Of Mind – Spiral in all colors Pierce Of Mind
Hair: Magika [Hair] Nonsense Magika
Bow Headband: (TokiD) kami ribon – black (TokiD)
Scarf: “tSg” Knitted Scarf – Pattern 1/Black The Sugar Garden
Coat: AOHARU_BT_NordicKnitCoat_Gray AOHARU
Dressy: -paper.doll- Bambi: Black -paper.doll-
Stockings: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Brown -Black Garter *League*
Boots: *Crazy* Wedge Moscow Boots *Crazy*
Bags: “tSg” Handbag Dreamer The Sugar Garden
Sim i took the picture in: alirium

The Sugar Garden Handbags



Paper Doll Bambi mini dress Latte, Grey & Black

Alot of pictures i know =] it was alot of work haha its sooo late im going to bed…
Hope you all enjoyed and hopefully i see u all soon
Lotsa Love xoxo Soaphy ♥

Oh and the wolf in picture one it was just a random wolf its not mine lol! yea i like to make pictures with random animals x3 niteeee ♥

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