Hai sexy buddehs ♥

So after a long time of thinking and talking about it with some people ive decided to just do it.
This morning i have put my shape for sale.
It is a little exspansive but via that way i wanted to keep it a little rare/unique.
Ive worked long on it and ive put alot of love in it.
And for the people that are going to buy it i wish you all lots of fun with it i hope ur going to enjoy it as much as i did ♥
There are some reasons why im doing this but more about that later ;]
In the boxie with my shape are 2 eyebrows included and 2 shapes.
1 for mesh clothes and 1 for none mesh clothes!
This is my personal shape my main shape the shape that you have seen in my blogging pictures.
Not edited nothing changed its the real deal!
If you have more questions about it feel free to ask me anything in world: Sopherian Yumako

Lotsa Love,
Soaphy ♥

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Princess Main shape Sopherian @ The Marketplace

One thought on “Shape.

  1. i’ve been keeping up with your blog when i get a chance and i love it so much! just wanted to say your shape will never be worn the same. You have an amazing avi and i envy it so much but you are you and its awesome! thank you for sharing with us your amazing styles.

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