The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Haiii just a really fast post!

a couple months ago i seen really cool eyes on flickr made by Naomi Afterthought.
At that time she gave it out to flickr friends and she was so sweet to send them to me.
I told her she should sell them cuz they are amazing! and she should defnetly make way more eyes!
Now 2 hours ago she posted a picture on flickr and shes finalllllllyy selling the eyes!!!! Wooohoo
So i just had to share this all with u… all 4 sets for 100$L!!! thats a cheapy 😀
In the picture some of her eyes the ones that i loved the most…
Do u want her eyes too? You can IM her inworld her name is Naomi Afterthought Orrr
note her Send the payment and she will send them to you =] Be sure to spell your username or the recipients name correctly in the note.
She doesnt have an inworld shop and she doesnt sell on the marketplace so you can only do it this way.
Its a must have! so grab them as fast as u can =]

Lotsa Love,
Soaphy ♥

One thought on “The eyes are the mirror of the soul

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