To all girls who would die for a “zero figure”, remember real men go for curves, only dogs go for bones

Hai everybody ♥

So today i was hanging out with my gurl Sunny1986 Ember (Owner of !Admiral Spicy!) And we went shopping!
She helped me with this look… isnt it sexy! haha @ Sunny Thnx girl ilu! ♥
It was a fun day 😀 i noticed its alot of color lately isnt it? haha i try too…
This scarf made by Rogue Falconer (RoTtEn DeFiAnCe Owner) For the Perfect Wardrobe brought me in the mood for funkyness!
Its damn cute and i love the colors! =]
This amazing tanktop from Nemesis matched just perfectly with it.
The scarf isnt a bright rainbow color its kinda dark so it goes well with dark clothes.
I think its a must have! so grab it before its gone ♥

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Amira Shape Sopherian @ the Marketplace
Skin: :GP: Acorn [Light] May-Blackbird 1 Curio
Lips: .Pekka. HOMICIDAL Lipstick (fear) .Pekka.
Freckles+Moles: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Beauty Spots & Freckles Not available yet will be soon!
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes v2 – Light Brown .Insufferable Dastard.
Eyeliner: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Long Cat Eyeliner Option 2 Not available yet will be soon!
Lashes: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* *REDGRAVE*
Hair: [e] Over – Brown 07 [elikatira]
Headband: (TokiD) kami ribon – red TokiD
Scarf: [*RD*]*Rainbow Scarf* RoTtEn DeFiAnCe @ The Perfect WardrobeGrab it before its gone
Jacket: [Cynful] Lala’s Shrug ~ Where Is The Concert? Special [Cynful]
Shirt: – Nemesis – River tank black Nemesis
Skirt: {mon tissu} Gauzy Skirt – Black {mon tissu}
Boots: [] celoe
Poses: From Purple Poses PurplePoses

Im off to bed now ^__^ Goodnight everybody ♥
xoxo Soaphy

2 thoughts on “To all girls who would die for a “zero figure”, remember real men go for curves, only dogs go for bones

  1. As a RL Size 0 who didn’t choose to be this way and constantly struggles with body-image problems because of my bony frame, your headline is as offensive to me as it would have been to larger sizes if you would have called this post “FAT GIRLS ARE UGLY.”

    It amazes me how up-in-arms people get over derogatory comments about overweight people, yet it’s no big deal for you to call thin people “bones” that “only dogs go for.” It’s right up there with “no one wants to bang a bag of antlers,” which I hear all the time too.

    Many thin people struggle with the same intensity of body issues as overweight people. You think I’m not incredibly self-conscious about my bony chest and arms when I take off my clothes in front of a man? Or that I’m not embarrassed by my non-existent butt, particularly in these days when it seems to be all about the fabulous badonk? It sucks. I don’t like looking like a gangly, spindly stick figure, but I can only change the shape of my body so much.

    So please don’t call me a bone that’s only worthy of a dog.

    Yeah, I guess I’m a little touchy about it.

    • Hey Emerald,

      Im sorry that it ovended you in any way i didnt mean it like that at all.
      Im a overweight girl myself and at this moment im doing a diet to loose weight.
      And i saw this quote on facebook and it helped me in a way to just not take it to far.
      I wanne be healty and i dont have to go to size zero and destroy my whole body.
      Im not saying Fat girls are ugly or that thin girls are ugly the meaning i see in it is dont push your body to hard.
      For a really long time i wanted to be size zero myself and i would go over dead bodys for it.
      Me and alot of other girls i know try to loose it on a unhealty way there is a diffrence between it too in my eyes.
      There is a diffrence between knowing what ur doing with your body and still push urself to the limits and try to fit intoo something you cant exept when u play with your life!
      Or just beeing natural thin if u want it or not.
      There is a diffrence between beeing thin or starve urself to death with the wrong reasons.
      Ive been strugling with my body size for almost my whole life now so i know how it is.
      I pick or make my quotes by the mood im intoo something that i go thru i didnt make this quote myself i just picked it because ive been thru it.
      So im really sorry i really didnt mean it that way and i also didnt look at it from that point of vieuw.


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