Flirt – Dating Fun!

Hai everybody ♥

This time not a blogpost as i mostly do but i really wanted to share this with you!
Have you ever been lonely? Do you not have enough friends? Do you miss that special person in your life?
Long walks on a pixel beach? Cuddles and love? Laughing and cry your heart out to a buddie?
Share ur passion and interests with somebody?

Than this is something for YOU!!!!
Yesterday Unico Solo (cStar Owner) opend a new section on the sim for some social fun.
Flirt is a place where you can find Love, Flings Friends or Blind Dates!
Ofcourse i filled out my board already.
It was only 10$L the board gives you a notecard that you need to fill in and the questions are hilirious.
If you dont want the other person to know who u are right away the Blind date board is perfect for you!
You dont have to show everything and it will be based on your personality.

Unico is just doing this for fun and right now so there arent that many boards YET, just to see first how many people would enjoy this.
Another thing that i LOVED was the AD made by the lovely Hela Azalee (cStar Manager)
The mustach itself already made me smile haha i like the idea about it (or atleast thats what i see in it) its awesome.
The AD looks kinda girly because of the colors but the mustache makes it still manly.
Hela didnt only create the ad but also the name. and i thought it was creative and the perfect name for this love service.

So what are you waiting for? Go make ur board! and spread the news =]
Heres ur taxi: Flirt – Dating Fun! Click here
Lets find some loveeeeee ♥

xoxo Soaphy
p.s lol i just had to add this song to it :p

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