Its the journey not the destination

Hallo my lovely readers,

As i said a couple weeks ago i was planing on making a gift to thank you all for the support and love you all gave me.
For all my friends,Flickr buddies,Bloggers and vieuwers from OhSoNecessary.
The people that look at my blog everyday and the amazingly sweet IMs i get all the time.
You all mean the world to me and im so thankfull for everything.
I cant thank you all enough so here if my gift to you all…
A posepack with 5 diffrent poses in it( Duhh ofcourse not all the same hahaha why am i even saying that…or this lol)
I didnt try out the poses on other shapes just my own so some might be for curvy girls… But i hope it works for everybody!
I wish you all lots of fun with the poses and again thank you all so much for EVERYTHING!
You guys are the last thing i think of when i go to bed and the first thing i think about when i wake up.
And i hope that you all still enjoy my blog as much in a couple months too haha.
Im defnetly not stopping anytime soon so hopefully u will all stick with me too.

Lotsa Love,
Sopherian Yumako ( Princess Soaphy )

Free Posepack Here:
SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace

And because people are mostly wondering what your wearing when your not putting down a list lol heres a short list of the stuff i wear.

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Deshney Shape SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Skins: al vulo!- Alena* good girl – natural claveage Hb sunkissed Al Vulo! @ The Whore Couture Fair 2012
Lashes: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* REDGRAVE
Eyeliner: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Longer Eyeliner Option 1 SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Teeth: – DAMNED – 3D Parted Lips & Pouty. DAMNED
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs (free) [ni.Ju]
Hair: ::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Raven ::Exile::
Tattoo: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] The Guardian Tattoo SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Bra: Gawk! Lingerie “First Love” – Zebra – Bra A Gawk!
Overal: *COCO*_Combinaison_Black COCO
bangles: [Armidi Gisaci] (Left) Towanda Quintet Bangles – Black Armidi
Ring: ~ imbue. Bow Ring ~ imbue.
Shoes: N-core COQUETTE “Black” N-Core

Enjoy your last day of the weekend and hopefully ill see you all again soon.
Lotsa Love,
Soaphy ♥

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