Fake friends are no different than shadows, they stick around during your brightest moments, but disappear during your darkest hours.

Hai sweeties ♥

Yayyy its weekenddd! i hope everybody is having a nice time =]
The week hes been going so fasttttt…
Im still busy with making my skins but seriously this is going to take forever its so difficult so i have respect for everybody thats creating skins lol
But what im wearing now just had to be blogged as soon as posible!
and ill tell u why…
A new shop has oppend called [A]Limited The creator is Ivy Graves wich most of you probebly know already she also owns ATOMIC and Illusory.
Shes one of the most talented people walking around in Secondlife.
[A]Limited is a LIMITED shop all the items there are available for a LIMITED time… i think that of every item/color are beeing sold 500times
and then never again. So if you want to have something be sure your there intime before its all gone!
It opend like 2 days ago or so but there is still plenty of items left.
But since everything is so amazingly good quality and so uber cute im sure its going really fast.
What surpriced me too is the price its not majorly exspansive Like for exsample the bear sweater im wearing is 400$L but she also sells items around 200$L
Its worth to check it out and dont wait to long because when its gone its gone!

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Deshney Shape SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Cocoa – Smoked (DB) Illusory
Lashes: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* *REDGRAVE*
Eyes: NP creepy eyes – RAVEN B NP
Teeth: – DAMNED – 3D Parted Lips & Pouty. DAMNED
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs (free) [ni.Ju]
Hair: !lamb. Lover – Ink !lamb. Modded to fit the Hat
Hat: [A]Limited – NomNom Hat_Yellow [A] Limited
Sweater: [A] Limited – Teddy Bear Hoodie – Cocoa [A] Limited
Bag: [A]Limited – Tote Bag – Poot [A] Limited
Ring: ~ imbue. Bow Ring ~ imbue.
Stockings: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Brown -Black Garter *League*
Poses: From Purple Poses PurplePoses

and wow so many amazing skins came out recently this is the new one from Illusory available with many lip options and there are lots of skintones available too.
This is the darkest one.
Im in aweeee with Ivy Graves right now for all the amazing releases.
anyways have a nice weekend everybody ♥
Lotsa love,

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