Sometimes life doesn’t want to give you something you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more.

Hai sweeties ♥

First of all i wanne thank you all for the overwhelming Ims,comments and love you all gave me
about the last blogpost i did.
You all are so sweet and knowing that there are people out there that care about me and my blog means the world to me.
This is post 1 of the last 4 but i will come back in the future its not the end of everything its just till my life is going a little better.
For all the people that are in the same sort situation i wish you all the best too and i hope that u all feel beter again soon too ♥

About my look… well first of all i found this hair via one of my flickr friends (meghindo) and i just had to have it.
I love it it looks amazingly nice its called Bianca and its from a shop called ICONIC…
I never heard of the shop before so i was really exited when i found this hair thru my flickr buddeh.
Another thing i wanted to talk about is something i NEVER EVER did before…
Its about the tattoo im wearing in this blogpost its my worst buy of the month or maybe even of this year so far.
Yea sorry Sleepy Bozer but no… this is bad and ill tell you why
After i bought it and put it on i kept getting bugs with my clothing not showing and continuously making me look blurry.
But thats not all! there is a little piece of the tattoo on the mouth anddd on the ear that im pretty sure doesnt belong there…
Actually ill just make a picture of it and show u all whats up with it.
Now after i found out about this i checked if there were any comments about this and i found out on the marketplace that there were more bad revieuws.
I hear you think then WHY are u still wearing it and blogging it… well i do like that its going up ur neck thats a plus.
And i hope that there are creators out here that think hey i can do tattoos like this THEN PLEASE DO!!! lol
i have found some others too that are or majorly overpriced and that i dont even like that much or just tattoos that cover EVERYTHING or to much for my opinion…
So i hope there will come up more tattoos like this that would make Soaphy really happy ♥
I was photoshopping and i thought u know what i dont wanne do this anymore im getting to tired this is good enough for me right now lol
Since i wanted to get it done because else it takes forever again im just uploading some pictures as it is i wanted to go wild on the close up but suddenly i couldnt get botherd with it anymore… so sorryyyy ♥
So enough negativity lets go to the list because i have a feeling its going to be a LONG one again >.> haha sorryyyy

thedirtbag resident The owner of Sleepy Bozer contacted my blog and told me that everybody that bought this tattoo can now contact him again
for an updated version! I havent seen it so im not sure what all is fixed or not but i hope all the problems are fixed because then it would be a way cooler tattoo =]

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Summer Shape SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Skin: the body co. Summer (04 Medium) Body Co
Eyebrows: My own and never going to be for sale sorry ♥
Make Up: the body co. Summer – makeup (everyday) Body Co
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Smog .:Hermony:.
Lashes: Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE* REDGRAVE
Teeth: – DAMNED – 3D Parted Lips & Pouty. DAMNED
Ears: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ears – 2″ Plug Pack AITUI
Hair: ICONIC -Bianca-Vamps ICONIC
Hairbase: Truth Hairbase – bubblegum TRUTH
Neckribbon: *League* VL Cardigan Neck Ribbon -Cream League
Undershirt: *Linc* Tankdress White Wet *Linc*
Shirt/jacket: *chronokit* Shirts 02 Ladies M Check Pink chronokit
Necklace: *League* Long DayDream Necklace -Moving Sky League @ The COLLABOR88
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] – Yummy Vine Tattoo [Sleepy Bozer]I warned u :p but incase u want it anyways
Ring: .: Le Temps des Illusions :. Cross Ring V.3 Silver .: Le Temps des Illusions :.
Jeans: [Pumpkin]Classic jeans(pnk) [Pumpkin]
Flipflops: Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Fawn Maitreya

Sleepy Bozer Yummy Vine fails?!

Ill be back asap with the other 3 looks and release of my 2 new shapes.
Thnx again everybody You guys rock ♥
Lotsa Love, Soaphy xoxo

11 thoughts on “Sometimes life doesn’t want to give you something you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more.

  1. I wish someone would explain to me why this shape is so popular. The exaggerated hips, eyes spread way out, awful pouty mouth, and I could go on.

    I like the clothing style here, but the shape just makes me want to claw my eyes out. It’s absolutely not a natural looking feminine shape!

    I may have to start boycotting merchants to use this shape.

    • Hey Jenny,

      Yea everybody thier own taste right?
      And i dont see it as so populair its not even released yet and i created this only a couple days ago….
      Even though that u hate everything about my shapes thank you for ur comment =]
      Im glad u atleast like the style lol


    • Wow Jenny. I don’t see anything unnatural about this shape. There are many women in real life who have bodacious curvaceous bodies like Soaphy’s avatar and I find those bodies a lot more “feminine” than the thin stick figured women you’re probably regarding to. Her face isn’t much different from what I’ve seen in some real life high fashion models. Wide set eyes are beautiful and popular among many in demand models such as Gemma Ward, Lily Cole and Lily Donaldson to name a few. I think it’s extremely closed minded of you to think everyone should look the similar. Who are you to determine what other’s should be doing with their SL for God’s sake? That’s what’s wrong with people in SL and RL today. Too many sheeps following the herd. Baa Baa. -end rant-

  2. Alright listen up. Im thedirtbag resident the [Sleepy Bozer] owner. Now look i know ive gotten some crap from alot of people about this tattoo and its faults. BUT HEY ITS FIXED the shit is fixed so all anyone has to do is show me the transaction and ill give u this one and my new one for free. Now i am soooooooooo sorry that this tattoo is disapointing seeing that its the first tattoo I have ever made and its still better than half the stuff you see on sl. So yea sorry for the delay on the fix but there is no need for the @#$% talk. K thnx

  3. the tattoos fixed. im the sleepy bozer owner. theres no need to shit talk my store. cause i dont shit talk your blog. got it? sorry the first tattoo i ever made isnt the best in the world. make one better then k thanks

    • There were many complains about them im not the only one with the problem.
      And every person i heard about it is saying the same thing that you said u would fix it and then u ignored them.
      Your the creator and ur costumers shouldnt chase you! you should be the one saying sorry ill fix it and give them a new one if u have made it.
      Why should ur costumers keep contackting you and you ignore them alot?
      Also when was it released? i know it was weeks ago maybe even months and i just bought it like a week ago..
      You could have just updated already in ur shop why suddenly now?
      I never write bad revieuws but i think the people should KNOW what they buy and thats what im here for.
      If i knew it i wouldnt have bought it in the first place why shouldnt i tell this to my vieuwers then?
      Im glad u responded and that people are able to contact you AGAIN for an updated version.
      Whenever its the first release or not me as creator/costumer/blogger i think u should have ur stuff together but maybe thats just me.
      When you have something to say about my blog you can and i appreciate honesty just like i just been honest about my thoughts about your tattoo.
      I dont understand why i wouldnt say something just because you treated your costumers the way you did and im still standing about everything i said.
      But again i hope its fixed and ill add that to the blogpost so your costumers can again contackt you.
      What if they dont have the transaction history? because the transaction history goes only back to a point.
      I also think that as a creator you should keep track of the history so whenever you update you know who to send it too.
      Maybe thats an idea u can do for in the future.
      Goodluck Greetz Soaphy

  4. D: i love the hair and i was going to go buy it!! but i used the link you put and it send me to a club no store in sight :[ and i tried searching for it and nothing. And jenny her shapes are gorgeous just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean no one else does. I also have a curvy sl avi and who cares what other people think people make it to their own preferences and the way they like it not everyone likes a tinny super skinny and tall ass avi just saying.

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