Its about time…

Hai everybody ♥

So this week i thought ill work on some projects that i started on and never finnished.
One of them was my new main shape the Ivy V2 shape.
But ive also made another shape since ive fall inlove with a skin and i was looking for a diffrent look for it then it looked on my other shapes.
Its similarish to the Deshney shape and i called it Karusi (no idea how i came up with that name)
After this releases im going to redo the ads of the older shapes and hopefully make an inworld shop asap.
So to me this is excited news and something ive been trying to work on for some time now.
Ive havent really blogged with the shapes yet but also this will come next.
Ill make a short bloglist of the shape im wearing and the skin for now.
Btw the Demos are available on the marketplace too!
It also comes with the brow shape and the shape is mod incase you want to change anything about her ♥
So lets go to the shapes…

[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Ivy Shape

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Ivy Shape SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Skin: the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) black brows The Body Co
Make Up: the body co. Ivy – makeup (dramatic) The Body Co
Eyes: .ID. Moody Vampire / Wispy Aqua .Insufferable Dastard
Teeth: – DAMNED – 3D Parted Lips & Pouty. DAMNED
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs (free) [ni.Ju]
Hair: Photoshop!

[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Karusi Shape

Shape: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Karusi Shape SOPHERIAN @ The Marketplace
Skin: {Meghindo’s} ~ Kimora ~ Au Naturelle ~ Tan ~ Model Face ~ {Meghindo’s}
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive/Basic – Light Brown .Insufferable Dastard
Hair: Photoshop!

Again ive got many questions about my freckles also this is on my TO DO list.
It was planned to be released when i ever finnished making my skin but i doubt this will happen anytime soon.
So i will make body freckles and redo the ones i already made since the one im wearing is having blush too and it doesnt work with every skin tone.
For the people that buy my shapes thank you so much it means the world to me! i wish u all lots of fun with them ♥
And ill be back asap!

Lotsa Love,
xoxo Soaphy ♥

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