This is Oh So Necessary

Hai2u! =]

Wow a whole page about me? lol
Im Sopherian Yumako and the first time i walked intoo Secondlife was 1 October 2007
So thats almost 4 years ago now Damnn time goes fast…
Else then shopping most of the time i spend my time in photoshop.
Ive done costum work for a while but i noticed it isnt something that i enjoined doing asmuch as i like doing other things.
It kind of stressed me out lol i couldnt keep up with it.
It suddenly came in mind to start a blog i barely seen any fashion blogs at first but ive looked at the Freestyle blog for a long time years ago.
I wanted something like that!!! Combinate all the stuff that i enjoy doing…
Making pictures of myself creating looks shop alot help people finding new stuff photoshopping trying to inspire people i also love quotes and music
and i could share them via my blog…
This all made me start blogging at the 4th of October 2010 isnt it funny that ive started SL in October and i also started blogging in October? haha
So im blogging for almost a year now and i enjoy it more everyday.
And im so thankfull for all the vieuwers that look at my blog everyday the sweet comments people give me the creators that help me with my blog by making such amazing and cool clothes You all rock! thank you so much it means alot to me ♥
I hope you all enjoy it just as much as i do

Lotsa Love,
Sopherian Yumako

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